Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Who’s the best teacher of them all? Ms. Lim!

My lifelong friend is a middle school teacher and mentioned that she would like a small mirror in her classroom. I thought she was going to mount it on her chalkboard so she could see what the kids were doing behind her. (Didn’t you always wonder how teachers could just snap their fingers at you without turning around?)

However, she just wanted to make sure her hair didn’t go flat after lunch. I don’t judge. Here she is below with her classroom in the background. Hair’s lookin’ a lil flat! Ha.


  • plain wooden mirror
  • paintbrush
  • acrylic craft paint
  • letters
  • 3-D stickers with teacher theme

I painted this frame her favorite color (blue) about three times. Darker colors require more coats. Wait until each coat dries! Otherwise it will come out all streaky. Then I affixed the stickers and the letters. It was fun and easy, and I’m glad she uses it for educational purposes. (somewhat)