Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s box supposedly contained all the evils of the world. I used to think of my recipe box the same way. Whenever I opened it, the recipes were unleashed to the world my family/friends to much despair. Run, children! RUNNN!

So, I decided to take a fresh approach and re-do my recipe box, inside and out. I put the wish list recipes in the back, and the “I can do it!” recipes in the front. I also painted this cool, fresh design to match my kitchen. Now I actually gravitate to the recipe box.

How did I paint such perfect lines you ask? Oh, dahling, I just used precision… and Post-it notes to guide my inexperienced, shaky painter’s hand. (True story – my dad calls me “Painter’s Apprentice”)


  • recipe box
  • wooden letters
  • paint (blue/green/white)
  • a steady hand
  • creative spirit
  • determination