Training Day

Thanksgiving is the most glorious day of the year and it’s about a week away. I am preparing by training my body to eat more food, so that I can fully appreciate Thanksgiving Day. Usually I get overwhelmed with all of the options. This year will be different! Here’s the plan:

Thanksgiving Day Rules

1. Round 1 includes all items presented at the dinner table. Obtain 1 small portion of each to appease all family members. Avoid the bread or eat it last. Minimize beverage consumption.

2. Round 2 includes your favorite items in larger portions. This is when you can really savor the flavor of your favorites. (Say that 3 times fast)

3. Since your brain takes 20 minutes to realize it’s full, try to eat in 15 minutes.

4. Make a plate of desired leftovers and hide in the fridge in the back by the cranberry sauce. No one eats that so your leftovers should be safe.

5. Eat, drink, and be bearily.