Santa’s Workshop

Oh, the joy of gift giving during the holidays. I love the reactions such as, “it’s just what I needed…SOCKS!” or “you didn’t have to. really.” My favorite was, “I am NOT an extra large!”

That’s why I enjoy crankin out homeade gifts in my own little workshop. Even if someone doesn’t want a decorated letter or picture frame, it’s a pretty unique gift and it comes from the heart. (ahem Mom coughcough)

What’s in the pipeline? You’ll just have to join the other 14 readers and find out soon 😉

Here’s a snapshot of Santa’s workshop from 2008. I decorated these wooden letters for my niece and nephews.

And here are the elves that help me!

Just kidding. These are the super creepy elves that my mom keeps moving around the house to get in the “holiday spirit.” She put one on my pillow. My own mother.

Back to work!