Steak, potatoes and carrots, oh my!

This small feast was made ENTIRELY by my bear hands. No boxes, cans or mixes  –  just pure bear creations. Wait, actually I used a can of chicken broth. But who can make chicken broth from scratch anyhow – besides chickens? Thanks.

I kept things simple and used a basic rosemary and olive oil marinade for the steak and potatoes. If you read my Let It Marinate post you’d see that I have patience issues with marinades. So I let the steak marinate for a good solid hour. Look out, Mortons! Cause you will have additional customers since they won’t be eating this steak.

The potatoes…hmm…how do I say this without admitting failure…yeah the potatoes were a slight disaster. I sliced them way too thin and they basically came out like homemade chips. They were more like ‘french fried pertaters mmmhmm’ But they look good roight?

The glazed carrots were probably the best of the lot. I know they look like sweaty carrots, but the glaze (chicken broth, sugar and butter) added a nice flavor and it was super easy. And if I say it’s easy, it’s EASY.

All in all, it was a fantastic meal if I do say so myself. And I am saying so b/c I have this blog. HAYO.

Special thanks to Angry Asian Creations for photo editing and inspiration.