No, I didn’t make a passport with my bear hands. That would be kinda cool though. Annnnd I would likely be arrested. I don’t think my crafts skills would bode well in prison.

Now I’m imagining a bear in handcuffs. teehee

I did make my friend James a Passport scrapbook as a goodbye gift. He is traveling for the next two years and I wanted to give him a parting gift.

Our friends threw him a goodbye party, and everyone signed the book and wrote funny and sweet messages. We also put a few old (and embarrassing) photos to remind him of his friends back home.

Look at that! Another satisfied customer. Oh, crafts.

It would take way to long to fully explain how great a friend James has been since middle school when he had an afro and I had a unibrow, but I can sum up our friendship with this photo:

straight up silliness.

He leaves tomorrow and I miss him already 😦

Extra special thanks to Angry Asian Creations for the photos!