Dude, where’s your blog??

I lost my mojo. Bigtime. I haven’t done much cooking or crafting in awhile so my blog has been left alone like the ugly redheaded stepchild.

Let’s recap the things I did attempt:

  • Garlic Roasted Mashed Potatoes: Turns out, you need a potato masher to make mashed potatoes. Baby steps. I used a whisk. A WHISK.  No bueno. nooooo bueno.
  • Sponge painting a mirror: I decided to try the “sponge technique” and paint a small mirror to hang by my door. Yeahhhh it looks like the mirror has open flesh wounds and is dying.

But I’m bizack!!! I promise I’ll have something next week! I’m going to a cookie exchange tomorrow and a craft party on Sunday. So Santa’s Workshop is in full effect mmmmmkaaaaayyy

My readers keep me motivated. Both of you have been great, much love!