Sandy Christmas

I feel like a woman in Michael’s craft stores is like a man in Home Depot. We have big dreams but just end up hiring someone else to make them come true.

This time – I did it myself! In about 2 hours.

I was invited to a craft party and needed to pick up some “crafty items” to make and share with about 8 people. I wandered around and had a bunch of crappy ideas and ended up in the ‘make your own ornament’ aisle. I didn’t see many materials so I somehow decided to layer decorative sand inside the ornaments.

Sand at Christmas?? Yes my friends. It’s a revolution.


The only downfall is that the sand gets mixed up once you move the ornament. So unless you plan to leave it hanging in your kitchen (as pictured) the ornament will end up looking a bit different each time. Which is pretty cool, eh?

Who wants one? Don’t all line up at once, I only made 4.