My Funny Clementine

This is by far the weirdest but most delarcious thing I’ve ever, EVER made.

Start by boiling fruit. WHOLE. The entire dang thing. Skins and all. *

(*actually the recipe calls for 6 boiled clementines, but I accidentally boiled them without the skins and then just grated some ZEST into the bowl and that turned out better.)

Then you make a cake (with no flour) out of this boiled fruit and bake it in a springform pan. Do you know what that is? It’s like a magic trick pan where the sides come off…now you see it, now you don’t!

Oh and did I mention that you need to use a food processor? I had to go to my parents house and then time travel back to 1979 to use my mom’s food processor. Seriously, this must have literally been the FIRST food processor ever. It was so old, the font looked like something out of Soul Train. Worked like a champ though.

Yes, clearly I made this for Christmas and I’m mad late. Better late than never, roighto?

Shoutout to my friend and former co-worker Charmaine, who would always peel clementines for me at lunch. I would act like I didn’t want one just so I didn’t have to peel it…but she quickly caught on.

Clementine Torte