Superbowl Chili

Awwww yeah it’s superbowl season!! Time to cozy up and watch those guys with the tight pants play the other guys with the tight pants (clearly I know nothing about football…).

All I know about the Superbowl is that it involves good food and good times. My friend Ritu’s chili recipe is sure to warm you up this Sunday. I made this chili a few weeks ago with (shhhhhh ground beef) but she always makes it with ground turkey. And it is “some kinda good” as my Aunt Mary says.

The best part? Sprinkle some cheddar cheese, green onions and (gasp) CILANTRO for an extra HIYA kick!

Chop everything the night before to save time. I made this on a weeknight and it was ready by 8pm! And remember my rules about chopping: always wear clothes you wouldn’t mind wearing to the hospital in case you lose a finger. Just sayin.

Oh and I couldn’t find green chiles so I used cayenne pepper.

Ritu’s Turkey Chili

Cumin                   1 tspn

Sazon                   1 sachet

Kosher Salt            2 tbsp

Chili Powder           2 tspn

Green chili             4 (slice down the center) OR 1/2 tsp. Cayenne pepper

Cider Vinegar        1 tbspn.

Tomato Sauce        1 can

Diced Tomatoes     1 can

Kidney Beans         1 can (drain and rinse well)

Cannellini Beans     1 can (drain and rinse well)

Ground meat         1.5 lbs

Water/broth           1 cup

All items below need to be diced

Garlic                    10 cloves

Onion                   2 medium

Green Pepper         1

Red Pepper            1

1.   Heat up oil and add cumin and onions.

2.  When onions are transparent, add garlic.

3.  Add meat, sazon and 1 tbsn of salt. Cook until it’s no longer pink.

4.  Add peppers and let them soften a little.

5.  Add tomato sauce and diced tomatoes. Add cider vinegar. Cook for 5 minutes.

6.  Drain cans of beans and rinse thoroughly.  If you don’t rinse them well, they’ll make the chilitoo salty. 

7.  Add beans and water.

8.  Add green chilis. Slice them down the middle.

9.  Add red chili powder.

10. Stir well and cook for an hour or more (if you’d like).

** You can put this in a slow cooker for 9 hours too!

Check out Ritu’s blog! Although she makes a mean turkey chili, she is the bomb makeup artist and gives candid tips when “bad makeup happens to pretty people.”