Red, White and Goooowd

I had lunch with my friend Rosanna last week and she asked about my blog. So since half of my readership is inquiring, I’m bizack!Fourth of July. I wanted to make something red, white and blue to celebrate the founders of our country. I’m sure they were eating this in 1776.


strawberry delight
It’s so easy to make. Just take a strawberry and gut out the middle. Now…for those of you with man hands (Mom) don’t grip the strawberry so hard that you crush it into a pile of mush. 

Then you use a piping bag to stuff the cream cheese mixture into the strawberry, dip in a graham cracker crumble and put a blueberry on top. And voila! Independence Day themed dessert.

Strawberry Deliciousness Recipe
P.S. my co-worker said the graham crackers should be sprinkled on TOP.
P.P.S. my Mom doesn’t really have man hands. But she DOES has a strong grip. She beat me at arm wrestling.